Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beady playdate with Emma Thomas

I met a new beady blog friend yesterday! I just LOVE meeting friends! Especially, beady ones! Here's me and Emma Thomas of Fredbean's Nook. We met at the Riverwalk Bead Shop and Gallery in Amesbury, Ma. Emma makes some WAY cool jewelry! I love her seed bead work mixed with metals and other elements for stylish, modern jewelry. Check out her creations here.  Emma came all the way from her home in Rhode Island  to have a little beading session with.....ME?! I felt so flattered she wanted to do that and so very glad she did! I had a lovely time with her and I really enjoyed chatting! We have lots in common, of course, beading and being apart of this online beading community. The conversation just flowed as if we were old pals getting together. It just felt so natural! Anyway, back to the beading! I showed Emma how to make my braided waxed linen cord necklace. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see our necklaces on the beading table in the background there! Here are the necklaces we made in our session below:

Emma's is on the left and mine's on the right. Both necklaces featuring Gaea hearts! I swear we didn't plan that!!! I didn't call her the night before. It just happened! I had planned my necklace before our meeting and Emma showed up at the shop with her heart pendant ready to go. I'm sure Gaea will be thrilled! It was a day for her hearts apparently. My necklace also includes a Miss Fickle Media antiqued silver ring and headpins.

I had a blast with Emma and I hope she'll want to get together again sometime!


  1. Looks like you two had a blast! Hope to get to meet one of my beading gal pals someday, not many of us seem to be in Canada!

  2. Very nice!
    I have to try that style of braiding with beads now.

  3. Will you be giving instructions to do something like these necklaces in your new book? I love the look. Both of you did a great job with the hearts, not making them look trite or cutesy.

  4. Hearts are very nice for the person who wears them...the pretty woman who buys it or is gifted with one.Wonderful gift ideas also they could be.

    Initial Charms


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