Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Button Swap Sneak Peek

Buttons I received from my swap partner, Sharon.

Buttons are one of my very favorite components to use in jewelry. I particularly love using them as clasps in my designs. So, when Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio announced she was hosting a Button Swap Blog Hop, I just had to jump in and participate! I received this gorgeous collection of vintage and handmade buttons from my swap partner, Sharon of Livewire Jewelry. The vintage buttons are very cool. It will be interesting to see how I will incorporate them into my design style. The buttons at the top left-hand side are handmade ceramic. I had told Sharon I liked handmade best. I'm not sure if she knew ceramic is my favorite or if that is just what she had on hand, but in either case, they are perfect and I LOVE them! The large leaf is by LeAnn of Summers Studio and the other is by Mary Harding.

 Sneak peek at my project for the Button Swap Blog Hop. Ceramic button by Mary Harding.

And speaking of Mary Harding, there was one more Mary Harding button included in the collection. The one pictured above! I had a spark of inspiration and I started working with it before I took the photo of the buttons I received from Sharon. Oops! Oh well, now you get a little sneak peek at my project for the upcoming Button Swap Blog Hop reveal on May 13th. Come back and visit me on Mother's Day, May 13th to see the full project. Hopefully, I'll have more creations to share from the rest of this beautiful button stash!


  1. You really received some nice buttons. I love buttons for closures too but most of what I have are not gorgeous like these. Look forward to seeing what you do with these gems.

  2. What a fantastic assortment! Can't wait for the reveal!!

  3. Those look pretty darned awesome! I have to get on the stick and start making something with mine!

  4. I love those buttons. Each of them is beautiful and can be used in many styles.

  5. Erin, Sharon sure sent you an INCREDIBLE assortment of buttons! The minute I opened this post I was oohing and aaahing over the picture!! Just love the ceramic buttons by LeAnn and Mary...and those vintage buttons are swoon-worthy. I love that brass filigree button on the bottom center, and the carved mother of pearl button next to it!


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