Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bead Cruise 2013

I'm preparing for a trip of a lifetime aboard a luxury cruise liner! Boy, I have dreamed of this since I first heard it even existed. Yep, I'm going on the Bead Cruise 2013 hosted by our fearless leader in the bead community, the gracious, Heather Powers. I jumped at the chance to be apart of her Bead Cruise. Perfect combination of a little bit of business with a whole LOT of pleasure. Plus, it's amazing opportunity for me to do something I have never done before. It's my very first cruise ever and really this will be my first trip outside the US, besides Canada. Geesh, I'm 35. I think it's about time I saw the world a little! I had to rush and get my passport for the first time, too and everything. Well, I got my passport in plenty of time and I'm ready to get away on this cruise!

Did I tell you my word for the year is EXPAND? Well, it is and apparently, I'm kickin' it off with a whole lot of 'expanding my horizons' in a very literal kind of sense! Cozumel, Grand Cayman Island and Jamaica, here I come. I'm so excited and so looking forward to this incredible adventure. Since I don't know if I'll ever get to go on a trip like this again, I went all out and signed up for the shore excursions at the three ports of call. Mayan ruins in Cozumel, snorkeling at Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman Island and a Reggae beach party in Jamaica. Hoo Whoo! Ya Mon. I feel so Irie!...Sorry...A little Jamaican talk for ya. ;)

Not only will this be a vacation trip of a lifetime, but I will also be teaching my Bohemian Knotted Earrings Class as well! Go here to see the classes. In the coming weeks, I will be getting all my beady goodness ready. I'm making kits for my class and extras to sell. I'll be bringing my other jewelry kits and also my tutorial for the Macrame Flower Bracelet, some of my favorite supplies, materials and tools such as Irish waxed linen cord, Macrame boards and knotting tweezers. And of course, a few copies of my book, Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon and Cord.

 Bohemian Knotted Earring Kits 
available for purchase in my Etsy Shop

Whether you are taking my Bohemian Knotted Earring class on the Bead Cruise or not, you can purchase a kit for the earrings in my Etsy shop! The kits included all the materials you need to make the three earring styles, Sun, Fringe and Chandelier. The kits come in Solid Copper for $30 OR you can upgrade to Sterling Silver for $40. All metal components are handmade by Shannon Levart of Miss Fickle Media. If you can't make it to one of my classes this year, you can purchase my Bohemian Knotted Earrings PDF tutorial in my shop for the instruction on how to make the earrings.

Not only am I teaching a class, but I'll have the opportunity to take two of the classes offered on the cruise. Ronna Weltman's Go Organic With Polymer Clay and Kerry Bogert's Sweet Tweeter class. I'm very excited for both of these classes! I'm thrilled to have the time to connect and learn from these two amazing artists, authors and instructors.This is a rare opportunity because most times when you are teaching at an event, you won't have the chance to take any classes yourself or even just chatting with the other instructors.

Can't wait to meet all those aboard Bead Cruise 2013. Many will be new to me. I'm looking forward to seeing my bead friends and fellow instructors, Heather Powers, Beverly Herman and Kerry Bogert, again. I'm also looking forward to meeting instructors, Tracy Stanley and Ronna Weltman for the first time. Bon Voyage!


  1. I can't think of a better project for the islands! Your boho earrings will fit right in! You are going to have such a blast!! I am thrilled that you get to experience this! Be safe while there, we can't wait to hear all about your trip!! Be sure to bring some motion sickness meds, or one of those nausea wrist bands. I used this at night because the seas were a bit rocky and I felt a little sick. They helped a lot!

  2. Hi Erin,
    Have a fabulous time on your bead cruise. I am a little envious, but I will make it on one one year.
    Happy sailing,

  3. WOW ... happy sailing! Enjoy and take lots of pictures to show us :)

  4. I so wish I were going on this cruise, it sounds like so much fun! I love the shore activities that you signed up for. I snorkeled on my honeymoon in St. Lucia-most amazing experience ever! I look forward to seeing posts afterwards. Maybe I will be able to go next year. :)

  5. Can't wait to meet up, Erin ... I was so thrilled to see your name on my student list. What a delightful surprise! It's going to be a blast.

  6. wow! how fun! I've been on several cruises...AND. LOVE. THEM!!!! hubby and I are going on one in April for our 30th anniv. We looked at this cruise, I want to go to Cayman really bad. Been to Cozemel and like it a lot. When is this cruise? I hadn't heard anything about it. Have a WONDERFUL time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Beads are always in trend as it looks cute in earrings in different colors. I like the red colored earring pair a lot.


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