Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dainty Spring Necklace TUTORIAL

Happy first day of Spring! I thought I'd leave you with my latest designer project for for the month of March. This necklace is inspired by the Spring season with faceted crystal like a drop of fresh dew and bright fringy silk like wisps of new grass or blossoms and Irish waxed linen in Emerald, the color of the year. This little necklace speaks of the delicate beauty and color of Springtime!


* 1 Swarovski crystal faceted pendant (briolette or baroque)
* 1 Czech glass 4mm druk bead
* 1" of ¾" dupioni silk ribbon
* 1 9mm lobster clasp
* 1 soldered link of extender chain (or a jump ring)
* 6" of 22 gauge wire
* 1 2" head pin
* 24" of Irish waxed linen cord in Emerald (or color of your choice)


- chain nose pliers
- wire cutters
- Scissors
- round nose pliers

1.Use the wire to form a wire-wrapped bail on the crystal pendant. Set aside. Use the headpin to string the 4mm glass bead; form a wire-wrapped loop.
 2. String the crystal pendant and the glass bead to the center of the Irish waxed linen cord. Fold the cord in half. Form an overhand knot above the dangles with both cords together. Leave the knot loose. Insert the piece of dupioni ribbon into the knot as shown.

 3. Hold the silk ribbon in place. Tighten the knot capturing the silk in the middle as shown.

4. Use one end of the cord to string the lobster clasp; form a slip knot. Trim tail to ¼". Repeat on the other side of the necklace using the soldered ring or jump ring.


  1. So pretty. Love the colors! Thank you for the tut.

  2. Wow! Those DIY necklaces are looking beautiful. I just love to make that type of jewellery in my free time.

  3. You have an amazing creativity skill Erin. Your jewelry DIY ideas are out of this world. have always tried all your ideas and loved all the pieces.


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