Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jewelry Stringing 2013

The latest issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine is out on newsstands now! I'm always anxious and excited to get a look at the new issues. It's a thrill to see all the fresh, inspiring eye candy from the jewelry-making community. I love the themes for the jewelry designs in this issue: "Modern Cowgirl", "Flower Market" and "Summer in the City". I'm lucky enough to have two necklaces published in the Summer 2013 edition. One in the "Flower Market" section and one in the "Summer in the City" section. My favorite theme for this issue is "Summer in the City". I love all the chic modern designs.

Did you know you can share your published designs after the magazine comes out? Yep, you can! It's actually good publicity and promotion for the magazine when you talk it up a bit and share links to the publisher's website. They like that! You can post your own photos of your work (like I did here) or you can even ask for the professional shots taken for the magazine. Just ask the editors! Be sure to link back to the magazine online when you do post any photos of published pieces, especially if they are the publishers images.That is all they ask!

Champagne Shimmer
Necklace in "Flower Market"
Jewelry Stringing Magazine Summer 2013


In The Limelight
Necklace in "Summer in the City"
Jewelry Stringing Magazine Summer 2013

Have you seen this issue? What projects are you planning to make this season?
Happy Summer beading!


  1. I love the technique you used on "In the Limelight." The way the rounds are layered over the disks looks so neat! Definitely something I want to try out in a future project.

  2. Champagne Shimmer wants to come home with me! Guess I'll have to make one for myself :)

  3. Hi Erin! Love both of these necklaces. :)

  4. I like the first piece, it is really beautiful. The trend of piercings, necklaces, bracelets etc among people is very high these days.

  5. It is a great issue. I, too, have a necklace in there that just sold to someone who was in the US and lives overseas! I love the simplicity of your knotted design. That looks like it could get dressed up or work with a t-shirt. So pretty! Enjoy the day! Erin


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