Monday, February 3, 2014

Lovely Little Knot Necklace DIY TUTORIAL
My latest jewelry tutorial for is perfect and just in time for Valentine's Day or any day for that matter. Works beautifully for a nautical knot look, too! One hot trend you will be seeing a lot of this year is knot jewelry. Knot necklaces, knot bracelets, knot earrings and knot rings. Knots, knots, knots everywhere! Of course, this trend is right up my street. This sweet little necklace made of soft, subtle deerskin leather lace, is an ideal project to try out the trend. It's so quick, easy and cute, it will have you tied up in 'love knots' in no time. I'm pretty darn sure you will want to make more than just one!

Lovely Little Knot Necklace
Erin Siegel


Chain nose pliers

 1: Use the leather lace to make a loop passing the cord up and over the other end of the cord as shown. Make a second loop over the first, passing the cord underneath the tail end as shown. Create a third loop passing the cord over the second loop and under the first loop as shown in the last two photos.

2: Slowly tighten up the knot. Take care that the leather lace is laying flat with the right side facing up as shown. Adjust the loops evenly as you pull the ends tight.

3: Trim the leather lace ends ½” from the knot. Insert each end into a fold over end and close. Use 1 oval jump ring to attach 7” of chain to the loop of one fold over end. Repeat for the other side.

4: Use 1 oval jump ring to attach one end of chain to the lobster clasp. Attach the 5mm jump ring to the other free end of chain.


  1. That's a very trendy would look great under a nice camel silky shirt. Cool piece.

  2. I must be completely out of it ---- are you changing the position if the knot as you go - I have been trying for an hour and it looks nothing likes yours :) help


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