Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rhinestone Leather Wrap Tutorial

I'm really excited to share my latest tutorial for! The Rhinestone Leather Wrap is my design for December. This is a great versatile piece that can be worn multiple ways. First, it can wrap 5 times around the wrist. Second, it can be worn as a long necklace and third, it can be worn as a double strand necklace. It's red and sparkly and perfect for the holiday season. A perfect accessory to wear to a party. There's still time to order supplies and this project whips up quickly. Click the photos or the link above to be taken to the free project on the Ornamentea website.

Rhinestone Leather Wrap
Erin Siegel


1 yard of red 3/16” deerskinleather lace
33 brass 5mm jump rings
1 brass 9mm spring clasp

Chain nose pliers
Hole punch

1: Insert the leather lace into one fold over end and close with chain nose pliers. Attach the spring clasp to the fold over end as shown.

2: Lay the leather lace on the ruler. Use the pen to mark the center of the leather ¾” from the end of the fold over end. Mark the remaining leather every 1 ½”. Punch holes through all the marked places in the leather as shown.

3: Use 1 jump ring to string 1 crystal dangle and attach it to one hole in the leather lace as shown. Repeat 22 more times.

4: Trim the leather lace ¾” from the end. Insert the leather into one fold over end and close. Link 9 jump rings together to create a chain extender. Attach one end to the fold over end and attach the last crystal dangle to the other end as shown.

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  1. what a great idea Erin! love the look of this

  2. This is a great design and looks amazing. Thanks for the guide and wonderful walkthrough.


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