Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fiesta Fringe Earring TUTORIAL

Wear these fun, flirty earrings and you are ready for some Summer lovin' fun. Or of course, a fiesta! The earrings are a slightly different take on my original bohemian knotted earring design. This pair of earrings is my latest design contribution in my line of jewelry projects for Visit my designer page on the website.

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Ooo...look. A frozen margarita concoction and some colorful party paper lanterns. Party time! These images and the colors just remind me of Summer fun and lively gatherings. I think you can see where I got my inspiration from, can't you?  I made the earrings inspired by a Cino De Mayo fiesta we hosted at our house this year. Yep, these are the photos I took of the party that day and yes, that is one of my specialty frozen margarita drinks. I make a pretty rockin' margarita, if I do say so myself. ;) Okay, before you get your party on, it's time to get your craft on first. Here's how to make the Fiesta Fringe Earrings:
Fiesta Fringe Earrings
22 glass 6mm rounds
2 hammered brass 33mm metal rings
 2 brass ear wires
2 brass head pins
 56" of 4ply Irish waxed linen cord

Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

1. Convert the headpins into eye pins by trimming off the heads and creating a loop at one end as shown.
2. String one 6mm glass round; form a simple loop. Set aside. Cut the cord in half. Set one aside.

3. Make a 3" fold at one end of the cord. Form a larks head knot around the brass ring as shown.

4. Using the long end of cord, form two half-hitch knots around the ring.

5. String a 6mm glass bead and form an overhand knot. Trim end to 1/8". Use the short end of cord to string one 6mm glass bead and form an overhand knot after the bead as shown. Trim end to 1/8".

6. Repeat steps 3-5 four more times to complete the beaded sections on the brass ring.
7. Attach the bead link made in step one to the brass ring. Attach an ear wire to the bead link.
8. Repeat steps 1-5 to complete the second earring.


  1. Hey, you have shared a nice DIY earrings and the technique is really appreciating as it is very easy to understand.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing such creative beautiful projects!!!


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