Friday, July 26, 2013

Tribal Dance Earrings Project

Tribal Dance Earrings
Erin Siegel

I especially love ethnic, boho looks for hot weather. You can quickly and easily make chic fashion earrings with a few scrap pieces of waxed linen cord. No tools or wire-wrapping skills needed to make these babies! String on some favorite beads, add a few knots and you've got stylish, light-weight and swingy earrings to wear all Summer long. Enjoy!

Fray the ends of the linen cord for a fun texture element. To fray ends, simply roll the cord ends between your fingers until the ply begins to separate and pull it apart.

2 red 14mm ceramic beads
2 batik bone 30mmx7mm tubes
4 copper 4mm corner-less cubes
1 pair of antiqued copper ear wires
24” of red 4-ply Irish waxed linen cord



Finished size: 3 ½”

1: Fold one 12” piece of cord in half. Form an overhand knot close to the folded end, creating a small loop.
2: Use both cords to string 1 red ceramic bead; form an overhand knot after the bead. Use both cords to string 1 copper corner-less cube, 1 batik bone tube and 1 copper corner-less cube; form an overhand knot after the last bead. Trim the ends to ½” after the last knot and fray the cord ends. Attach 1 ear wire to the small cord loop.
3: Repeat steps 1-2 for second earring.

Red ceramic beads: Earthenwood Studio. Batik bone tubes: Happy Mango Beads. Copper cornerless cubes: Hands of the Hills. Copper ear wires: Miss Fickle Media. Irish waxed linen cord: Ornamentea.

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