Monday, November 18, 2013

Online Beading Magazines

I'm honored to contribute to the latest issue of Bead Chat magazine! An online jewelry magazine published by Artisan Whimsy members. Artsian Whimsy is an online community for jewelry artists of every kind. The group is extremely active and with a website and a facebook page. They are doing some exciting things and I'm looking forward to see what the future holds for the beading community. 
Lead editor for Bead Chat magazine, Cynthia Machata asked me a few questions about getting jewelry designs published in nation-wide bead and jewelry magazines. Special thanks to her for extending an invitation to me to contribute content. She was a such a pleasure to work with! In the interview, I share a funny, true story about my first published piece of jewelry. I also share my best tips for getting your work published in top beading and jewelry-making magazines. Plus, there is plenty of other great content for jewelry-makers and of course, gorgeous jewelry designs and eye candy from members. I especially loved the tribute to Bead Trends magazine and the interview with jewelry artist, Jess Italia Lincoln.

Another online publication that has come to my attention is The Beading Glass published by Leah Curtis of Beady Eyed Bunny. The Beading Glass is another online magazine for the jewelry designer offering inspiration, jewelry and bead artist profiles and interviews. Some very talented artists are featured on the pages of this magazine. You'll find great jewelry design and simply stunning art beads. The thing that brought the magazine to my attention is that my friend and co-author, Lorelei Eurto, has an interview that appears in the November issue. Even though I know her very well, I enjoyed reading her answers, seeing her designs and learning a few bits I didn't know.

Happy online bead reading! 


  1. It was a great article Erin! I read every bit of it and learned a lot. I appreciate you sharing your stories and knowledge about getting published.

  2. What a pleasure to work with you Erin! And I got to ask you a bunch of questions I wanted to know (bonus!). You already know how much I love your wonderful Boho style, but it was so interesting to hear about your path to publishing!

    I haven't seen the other eMag - so I'm off to check it out. thanks for the link!


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