Saturday, January 7, 2012


  THANK YOU to all those who left me encouraging messages on my last post. I am grateful for your good thoughts and letting me know I'm not alone. I wanted to share my experience with the good intention to perhaps inspire awareness in others. I know now, I was unconscious of what I was really doing to myself and I thought others might be in the same boat I was in. I received wonderful emails and messages from some of you. Most of us don't realize how powerful our thoughts and feelings are and how much damage can be done with being negative to ourselves. I know I thought as long as I was sweet-as-pie to everyone else and gave myself fully outwardly to the world, that was ALL that mattered. We don't think that what we think and feel inwardly has any real, tangible affect, but it absolutely does. The great news is, we can change all that around by being aware of ourselves and thinking good, happy thoughts! I know this knowledge will always be with me now and I will remember to be aware of what I am thinking and try to keep good, happy thoughts with me at all times. I hope you will, too.

On other note, some of you expressed an enthusiastic interest in my Chakra Meditation Pendant! I'm thrilled! I thought about and I think this item is unique enough, so I'm offering a few of them in my newly opened Etsy Shop. Please excuse the appearance, the shop is a work in progress! If there are others that would like one, I can make more, so just let me know if you would like a pendant made for you. I'm so happy for your interest! Thank you!


  1. Dear Erin, I did read your last post, and I was so moved by it. Also it really made me think. I wanted to leave a comment to you, but hey, life got in my way ... as it does ... he he ... I know how you feel being torn between everything and trying so hard at every area. I can only say, as others already have, to lower your ambitions. And to really prioritize what matters to you in the long run. Which can be easier said than done, I know. You are wise and know all this. And I love your Chakra Pendant!

  2. Thanks for your great posts, Erin! I have two great kids, my youngest is 9, and I have always worked full time - not forced to, a choice - and now that I am, ahem, a little older and wiser I can offer you two pieces of advice - my own personal mantras: a. You can only do your best every day and b. some days it will all go wrong anyway (if b happens, go to bed early and repeat a the next day). I still give myself a hard time, but try to always fall back on these mantras. And just because I claim to be older and wiser, does't mean I know what to do next - stay with full time job, chuck it and be a full time Mom, continue to plug away at making a business of jewelry or just give up and call it like it is (expensive hobby)??? Know that you are not alone :-)

  3. It is unbelievably encouraging that I am not alone in the very same feelings and have struggled for quite some time with a negative inner voice as well. Over the past few years, since my marriage, adapting to 2 steps sons, and introducing a baby into the mix was beyond overwhelming for me. I often felt like just giving it all up and selling my tools and supplies. What once used to consume my very moment was now occupied with taking care of a family. As a single mom, I would spend my entire weekends creating in my studio. This is no longer an option for me and I am often deeply saddened by it.
    Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of who you are. Your honesty is so very comforting to me.


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