Friday, April 20, 2012

Enter Bead Star 2012!

The Bead Star contest consists of the following 7 categories
CERAMICS: Designs created using predominantly ceramic beads.

CRYSTALS: Designs created using predominantly crystal beads.

GLASS: Designs created using predominantly pressed-glass, fire-polished glass, sea glass, lampworked glass, and/or any other type of glass bead.

METALS: Designs created using predominantly metal beads, components, and/or wire. Metal can be of any type or mixed.

PEARLS: Designs created using predominantly pearls of any shape, color, type, etc. Faux pearls (including crystal and glass pearls), shell, and mother-of-pearl can be used in your entry.

PLASTICS: Designs created using predominantly plastics. (Polymer clay is accepted.)

STONES: Designs created using predominantly stones of any type.

Entrants may submit 1 design per category. One winner will be selected from the finalists in each category by tallying the votes cast by members of the Beading Daily community. The winner in each category will receive $250 in prizes from the sponsor of their category. The winner of each category will be publicly announced in Jewelry Stringing magazine, available on newsstands in mid-December 2012.

I actually got it together enough to enter my jewelry this year. In past years, this competition always seemed to be at an off time for me, but this year, I've entered a design in all 7 of the categories. That is some type of record for me. Mind you, I entered all bracelets and earrings. No necklaces. But hey, at least it's better than nothing, right? COME on! Join me and enter your pieces. Let's make it a nice, fun and friendly competition. I want to see some entries, people! I have to say, the amount of entries is lookin' a little sad, right now on the Beading Daily website. :( You've got a week left, so get a crackin'. The entry period ends on Friday, April 27th. Looking forward to seeing everyone's designs! 

Did you enter?
Let me know if you did or if you didn't, why not?


  1. SHIT! Thanks for the reminder!
    I almost completely forgot about this. I do want to enter at least a few categories, DEFINITELY the Ceramics category!

  2. Oh, that is such a good competition. I'd love to enter. I had a vague idea from previous years that I couldn't, as I am not from USA or Canada. So after I just now went and scrutinized the rules for a few minutes I finally found that particular sentence that excluded me. :-(
    So I will just wish you my best, and make sure I vote for my favorite entries. Looking forward to see what you did Erin. And good luck!!!!

  3. Fingers crossed for everyone of you. Unfortunately it is not open for international beaders:-(

  4. I'm not playing this year. They've scaled back the contest way too much, which makes me sad because I REALLY loved Bead Star in previous years. There won't even be a bead star magazine--they are just going to publish 1st place winners in Stringing, and no prizes for anything except 1st place. Boo.

  5. I didn't enter. I had too many things on my plate and this was one thing that wasn't going to fit. On the other hand, I'm accomplishing lots of stuff like I had hoped too. Maybe next year though!


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