Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Double Clover Necklace DIY TUTORIAL


Double Clover Necklace
Erin Siegel

Double the clovers, get twice the luck! Create your own wire-wrapped clover pendant. Then, add an accent with a ready-made four leaf clover charm.


Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

1: Use the wire to form a wrapped loop about 8” from one end of the wire. Make a fat wrap as shown.

 2: Use the long end of wire to string 1 teardrop bead. Use the short wire to wrap around the long wire after the bead as shown.

 3: Use the short wire to string 1 teardrop. Bend the wire over the bead and wrap the wire around itself a few times after the bead as shown.

  4: Repeat step 3 as shown. Trim the short wire and tuck the end in.

 5: Use the long wire to wrap around the base of all three beads as shown. Continue wrapping until the wire is used. Trim and tuck the end in.

  6: Use 1 jump ring to attach the pendant to the center of the chain as shown. Use another jump ring to attach the four leaf clover charm to the chain a few links over as shown.
 7: Use 1 jump ring to attach the spring clasp to one end of the chain. Use another jump ring to attach the extender chain to the free end of chain.

Wear and enjoy your lucky clover necklace!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lucky 7 Charm Swap

Are you participating in Ornamentea.com's annual charm swap? There is still a little bit of time left to get in on the fun. Make 7 charms, mail them to the Ornamentea shop in Raleigh, NC and receive 7 charms back from others around the world this March. Charms are due by February 28th, 2014. Click this link or the banner above to find out all the details and join in.

Here's my lucky charm I sent in tied up on a card:
I just love making these cute wire-wrapped clover charms. They are so fun to create. I even made a sweet little necklace with it. A perfect lucky talisman to wear for the month of March and of course, St. Paddy's day. Since I'm an Irish lass myself, I would not hesitate to wear this necklace year round for a little extra luck!

My Double Clover Charm Necklace is an upcoming Ornamentea tutorial. I show you just how to make this adorable 3-leaf clover charm. You can make this exact necklace or you can add the charm to your own jewelry design. I think you'll agree these charms are fun to make. Look for the tutorial soon!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Jewelry Stringing Magazine Spring 2014

I'm extremely excited to share the cover of the Spring 2014 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine with you! It's a proud, proud moment for me to see my necklace on the cover of my favorite beading magazine. I'm honored to have my piece featured in this way. So few are chosen for this coveted spot. I feel very fortunate. I can't quite describe how much this means to me. I have dreamed of this. I have visualized my jewelry on the cover many times and thought of what a wonderful feeling it would be. I feel so happy and over-joyed to reach this goal. It just goes to show what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. Dreams really do come true!

However, I do not think about the cover of the magazine while I make my jewelry for submission. I create what inspires me at the moment. I always create pieces that reflect my own interests and style even when working within the parameters of a magazine's guidelines. Some of you might remember that I wrote an article last September, for the Art Bead Scene about submitting jewelry designs FOR THIS VERY ISSUE! I wrote the article while I was in the process of creating my jewelry pieces for the submission process. Read that post here, if you missed it or for a refresher.

My goal was to offer helpful information for aspiring designers to submit jewelry to the magazine and also encourage participation in contributing designs to publications in general. I took a BIG risk writing and publishing that post before submitting the finished jewelry and again, took another gamble that a piece would even be accepted and then published! I created and submitted 4 pieces for this publication. Two out of those four were accepted for further consideration. I sure am grateful that those two designs were indeed accepted and published in the magazine. I would have felt pretty silly and foolish writing an advice article about successfully creating jewelry for publication and then not getting any pieces accepted to the magazine myself. That would have been slightly embarrassing, but that is the chance I took! I felt inspired to be open and put myself out there. My intention was simply to share my creative process and maybe inspire someone else to give publishing a shot. I hoped I'd get at least one project published in the issue. I never in a million years expected one of my designs to make the cover!

Since I shared a sneak peek at the designs I was working on in my submissions post from last September, I thought it would be fun to reveal all 4 of the necklaces I created and submitted to the magazine for the Spring 2014 issue, even the pieces that were not accepted. So, here it goes.

Necklace submitted to the "Soft Jewelry" theme for Spring 2014:
"World Beat"

Necklace submitted to the "Spring Green" theme for Spring 2014:
"Hemlock Forest"

Necklace submitted to the "Monochromatic" theme for Spring 2014:
"Stormy Winds"

Necklace submitted to the "Bead Soup" theme for Spring 2014:

Now, here are my two designs in Jewelry Stringing magazine as published!:
World Beat
Necklace and Bracelet in the "Strike a Cord" section
Necklace and Bracelet in the "Bead Soup" section
Seed beads from ShipWreckBeads.com and a handmade ceramic bead set by artist, Keith O'Connor.

Pick up your copy of this issue on newsstands now or download the digital version. Happy beading to all and if you are so inclined, happy submitting to magazines as well. 
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope you are doing something you love today and spending time with whom you love as well. Much love to you all.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lovely Little Knot Necklace DIY TUTORIAL

My latest jewelry tutorial for Ornamentea.com is perfect and just in time for Valentine's Day or any day for that matter. Works beautifully for a nautical knot look, too! One hot trend you will be seeing a lot of this year is knot jewelry. Knot necklaces, knot bracelets, knot earrings and knot rings. Knots, knots, knots everywhere! Of course, this trend is right up my street. This sweet little necklace made of soft, subtle deerskin leather lace, is an ideal project to try out the trend. It's so quick, easy and cute, it will have you tied up in 'love knots' in no time. I'm pretty darn sure you will want to make more than just one!

Lovely Little Knot Necklace
Erin Siegel


Chain nose pliers

 1: Use the leather lace to make a loop passing the cord up and over the other end of the cord as shown. Make a second loop over the first, passing the cord underneath the tail end as shown. Create a third loop passing the cord over the second loop and under the first loop as shown in the last two photos.

2: Slowly tighten up the knot. Take care that the leather lace is laying flat with the right side facing up as shown. Adjust the loops evenly as you pull the ends tight.

3: Trim the leather lace ends ½” from the knot. Insert each end into a fold over end and close. Use 1 oval jump ring to attach 7” of chain to the loop of one fold over end. Repeat for the other side.

4: Use 1 oval jump ring to attach one end of chain to the lobster clasp. Attach the 5mm jump ring to the other free end of chain.