Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jewelry Stringing 2013

The latest issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine is out on newsstands now! I'm always anxious and excited to get a look at the new issues. It's a thrill to see all the fresh, inspiring eye candy from the jewelry-making community. I love the themes for the jewelry designs in this issue: "Modern Cowgirl", "Flower Market" and "Summer in the City". I'm lucky enough to have two necklaces published in the Summer 2013 edition. One in the "Flower Market" section and one in the "Summer in the City" section. My favorite theme for this issue is "Summer in the City". I love all the chic modern designs.

Did you know you can share your published designs after the magazine comes out? Yep, you can! It's actually good publicity and promotion for the magazine when you talk it up a bit and share links to the publisher's website. They like that! You can post your own photos of your work (like I did here) or you can even ask for the professional shots taken for the magazine. Just ask the editors! Be sure to link back to the magazine online when you do post any photos of published pieces, especially if they are the publishers images.That is all they ask!

Champagne Shimmer
Necklace in "Flower Market"
Jewelry Stringing Magazine Summer 2013


In The Limelight
Necklace in "Summer in the City"
Jewelry Stringing Magazine Summer 2013

Have you seen this issue? What projects are you planning to make this season?
Happy Summer beading!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beads, Baubles and Jewels and a Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet Video


I wanted to tell you that I'm leaving tomorrow for a week. I'm flying to Cleveland, Ohio to film 2 segments for the television show, Bead, Baubles and Jewels hosted by Katie Hacker. I'm very excited and happy for this opportunity to reach out to the beading community. I'm going to be promoting our book, Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry, but mostly I'm just going for the experience of it all. You might remember back in February, I revealed that my word for this year is EXPAND. I've been exploring the meaning of that and manifesting it in many ways. I'm open to any and all possibilities. I've said "Yes" to just about every opportunity that has come my way. I'm happy to report there's been a few lately! I'm so thrilled with that fact. I'm contributing some of that to me being open and ready for things to happen.

Anyway, back to Beads, Baubles and Jewels. It's kind of a huge leap for me to appear on this show. I mean, I've never been in front of a camera before. I haven't even taken any videos of myself....that is until now! I decided I better get practicing teaching or demonstrating jewelry on video.

So, here's my very first jewelry video! Gah, try not to laugh too much. Oh, and btw, I've been informed by my husband that it is NOT okay to take videos vertically like I did in this one. Apparently, is a no-no faux pas that I was not aware of since I am such a newbie at this whole taking videos thing. He dislikes it very much. I am posting this video without his consent. Sorry, Honey. See you next week!!!

In this video, I'm demonstrating how I make my Rhinestone Leather Wrap bracelet project I designed for Materials list and instructions are below!

Rhinestone Leather Wrap
Erin Siegel


1 yard of red 3/16” deerskinleather lace
33 brass 5mm jump rings
1 brass 9mm spring clasp

Chain nose pliers
Hole punch

1: Insert the leather lace into one fold over end and close with chain nose pliers. Attach the spring clasp to the fold over end as shown.

2: Lay the leather lace on the ruler. Use the pen to mark the center of the leather ¾” from the end of the fold over end. Mark the remaining leather every 1 ½”. Punch holes through all the marked places in the leather as shown.

3: Use 1 jump ring to string 1 crystal dangle and attach it to one hole in the leather lace as shown. Repeat 22 more times.

4: Trim the leather lace ¾” from the end. Insert the leather into one fold over end and close. Link 9 jump rings together to create a chain extender. Attach one end to the fold over end and attach the last crystal dangle to the other end as shown.

Resources: All materials and supplies from

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

I'm so looking forward to a special day with my two sweet loves! Out to brunch, a day by the sea and some yummy homemade treats.
Happy Father's Day to my husband, the best daddy in the world to our little girl.

Friday, June 7, 2013

HIS and HER Embroidered Leather Cuff TUTORIAL

I'm excited to share with you my latest designer project for and HER Embroidered Leather Cuffs. Isn't that just the sweetest thing? You can make one for that special guy in your life, BUT make one for yourself first, of course!
Beaded Embroidered Leather Cuff
Leather cuffs are hot! Maximize your style with a must-have beaded leather cuff bracelet.

18” of waxed linen cord (chose a color that closely matches the wristband you are using)

Hole punch

1: Lay the cuff against the ruler, wrong side facing up.  Use the pen to make a mark 1 ½” from the end of the cuff and 3/8” from the bottom edge of the cuff. Then, make a mark that is 1 ¾” from the end and 3/8” from the top edge of the cuff as shown. Make a mark ¼” from each of the previous two marks as shown. Repeat 22 times.

2: Punch holes through all the marked places on the leather cuff as shown.
 3: Tie a double overhand knot at one end of the waxed linen cord. Thread the cord through the first hole in the cuff from back to front as shown.
 4: Use the linen cord to string 1 filed cube, 1 bugle bead, and 1 filed cube. Thread the cord through the next hole on the opposite side of the cuff as shown. Repeat 23 times to bead the entire length of the cuff.
 5: Tie a double overhand knot tightly against the back of the leather cuff and trim close to the knot as shown.

Tip: You can create a paper template for the cuff to make the measuring and marking a little easier. Trace the leather wristband on a piece of paper, make all the measurements and marks on the paper, punch all the holes with a paper punch and cut out the template. Then, transfer all the marks onto the cuff. I did not do that for this tutorial, but it's an option, especially if you are not so comfortable measuring and marking on the cuff or if you are making more than one. The measurements are fairly easy, though. I tried to make it as simple as possible.

Okay, now it's time to make one for HIM.
Embroidered Leather Cuff 

Leather cuffs are hot for guys, too! Make this bracelet for all the special men in your life. Guys will love the wide suede band and the simple, un-fussy design.

18” of waxed linen cord (chose a color that contrasts with the wristband you are using)

Hole punch

Follow steps #1-4 above for the "HER" leather cuff, except omit the beads, unless your guy is into beads and there is nothing wrong with that!

This project would be...
Perfect for Father's Day!
Sunday, June 16th

Happy leather cuff crafting!