Thursday, April 24, 2014

Design Lounge Jewelry with DIY instructions

Back in November 2013, I was invited to design jewelry for the Design Lounge event held at the To Bead True Blue show in Tucson 2014. The idea was to incorporate the hottest, new materials from various supply companies in as many designs as possible. All jewelry designs were to be displayed at the show to provide inspiration for the attendees. Some designs would also appear in an ad for the Design Lounge along with the possibility of a few pieces being published in an upcoming beading magazine. Wow, that sounds like a great opportunity. Count me in!

I received a big box full of jewelry-making materials that included supplies from Leather Cord USA, Garlan Chain, Dakota Stones, Beadalon, TierraCast, Bead Master and Impress Art. I managed to create and write instructions for 3 designs. I wish I could have made more and I wish I could have gone to the show to see the jewelry designs on display in Tucson! I would have loved to see what the other designers created for this event, as well. I have not been to Tucson. I would love to get there some year for the big gem and mineral show in February. Participating in this design challenge for the Design Lounge is the closest I've gotten to Tucson. For now, I'll have to be satisfied that at least my jewelry designs took a trip there! I'm thrilled I had the chance to create some jewelry for the show. Here they are below. Enjoy the DIY instructions.

Colorful Spikes Lariat 
designed for the Design Lounge, Tucson 2014

Erin Siegel

2 coral Picasso Czech glass baby spikes
2 frosted yellow capri Czech glass baby spikes
2 turquoise celsian Czech glass baby spikes
1 cornelian Picasso Czech glass baby spike
1 coral lumi 7x17mm Czech glass spike
1 green turquoise Picasso 7x17mm Czech glass spike
1 turquoise celsian 7x17mm Czech glass spike
1 yellow Picasso 7x17mm Czech glass spike
1 gold hammertone ring
1 copper 7mm jump ring
36” of rose gold steel cable chain
74” of bright brass 22 gauge wire

2 pairs of chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

Finished size: approximately 37”

1: Use 8” of wire to string one 7x17mm glass spike; form a wrapped loop bail that attaches to the first link in the chain. Repeat 3 times, attaching the dangles to every other chain link.

2: Use 6” of wire to string one baby spike; form a wrapped loop bail that attaches to the same chain link as the previous dangle. Repeat 6 times, attaching 2 dangles to every other chain link.

3: Use the jump ring to attach the gold hammertone ring to the last chain link.

Czech glass spikes: Bead Master. Ring: Tierracast. Cable chain: Garlan Chain. All other supplies: Ornamentea.

Dancing Dangles Wrap 
designed for the Design Lounge, Tucson 2014 
Erin Siegel
17 silver metalized 4mm diamond beads
10 matte carnelian 4mm rounds
9 matte red creek jasper 6mm rounds
36 antique silver 2” head pins
36 antique silver 5mm jump rings
2 antique silver ½” ribbon ends
19” of cyclamen 10mm leather lace
1 ½” of antique silver extender chain

2 pairs of chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
1/16” leather punch

Finished size: 19 ½” adjustable to 21”

1: Use 1 head pin to string 1 carnelian round; form a wrapped loop that attaches to one end of the extender chain. Set aside.

2: Use 1 head pin to string 1 bead; form a wrapped loop. Repeat for all remaining beads. Set aside.

3: Lay the leather lace on the ruler. Use a pen to mark the edge of the leather 1” from the end. Repeat for the other end. Mark the remaining leather every ½”. Punch holes through all the marked places in the leather.

4: Use the jump rings to attach the beaded dangles to the holes in the leather lace in the following order: 1 jasper dangle, 1 silver diamond dangle, 1 carnelian dangle, 1 silver diamond dangle. Repeat pattern for all remaining dangles.

5: Insert the end of the leather lace into 1 ribbon end and close with chain nose pliers. Repeat for the other end. Attach the spring ring clasp to one ribbon end. Use a jump ring to attach the extender chain to the other ribbon end.

Leather lace: Leather Cord USA. Carnelian and jasper rounds: Dakota Stones. Silver diamond beads: Bead Master. All other supplies: Ornamentea.

Collector’s Charm Necklace
designed for the Design Lounge, Tucson 2014
Erin Siegel

1 carnelian faceted trapezoid bead
1 silver metalized 10mm round
2 silver metalized 6mm spacers
1 antique brass key charm
1 antique brass heart lock charm
1 antique brass hamsa hand charm
1 antique silver winged heart charm
1 antique silver 25mm spiral-patterned ring
1 antique silver 3” head pin
7 brass 7mm jump rings
2 antique silver fold-over cord ends
36” of dark brown 1.5mm round leather cord
36” of petal 1mm round leather cord
36” of turquoise 4mm beaded chain

2 pairs of chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

Finished size: approximately 35” long

1: Use the head pin to string the trapezoid bead, 1 spacer, silver round and spacer; form a wrapped loop. Set aside.

2: Insert one end of both leather cords into 1 fold-over end and close with chain nose pliers.

3: Use the 1mm leather cord to string the last loop of the beaded chain.

4: Braid the leather cords and the beaded chain together for the entire length. Repeat step 3. Repeat step 2.

5: Use 1 jump ring to attach the loop of a fold-over end to the 25mm ring. Repeat for the other side.

6: Use the remaining jump rings to attach the charms and the beaded dangle made in step 1 to the 25mm ring.

Leather cords: Leather Cord USA. Trapezoid bead: Dakota Stones. Ring and charms: Tierracast. Beaded chain, metalized bead and spacers: Bead Master. All other supplies: Ornamentea.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bead Cruise 2014

Once again, I had a fabulous time on this year's Bead Cruise hosted by Heather Powers. Heather does an amazing job at making this thing the best it can be and so much fun. It's such a special event. If you like to bead and make jewelry, I highly recommend going on this cruise. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there is something for everyone. Just go. Go on this cruise. It is so worth it! A bead retreat with friends and a tropical cruise vacation all rolled into one. I literally can't think of anything better than that! Check out all my photos from this year's Bead Cruise in my album on FaceBook.

Our 8 day Bahamas cruise left out of New Jersey. My friend and cabin-mate, Diana Ptaszynski of Suburnban Girl Studio lives about 45 minutes from the ship port. She graciously opened up her home and offered accommodations the night before the cruise to me and our friend, Terri. I'm so grateful for that!  
 Diana was a wonderful host, showing us around her home and her favorite local haunts the day before the cruise. After picking us up from the airport, she took us out to lunch at a real Jersey diner (It was Delicious), then took us to Ava's Cupcake Bakery for dessert. (Even more delicious!) After that, we swung by a little local bead shop called, That Bead Place where I snapped the above photo of her. Then, it was back to her place to settle in for the night chatting, talking beads, making jewelry and eating Jersey pizza for dinner. It was such a good time and one of my favorite parts of the whole trip before it even got started. I loved the extra time spent with my friend, Diana and Terri, too.

Day 1 - It's cruise day! We embarked from Cape Liberty, NJ. Once on board, we had a celebratory fruit smoothie drink. It was yummy. Cheers! Bon Voyage!

The first evening on the cruise was the Meet and Greet event. All the bead cruisers receive a goodie bag filled with beads, pendants and jewelry-making components made possible by generous independent artists and supply companies that sponsor the Bead Cruise. It was chalk full of treasures! There's also a little contest/challenge that goes along to make finished jewelry combining at least three items from the goodie bags. (The reveal for the contest happens during the farewell party the last night of the cruise.) Then, that same evening, there is a handmade pendant exchange. I made the pendant necklace above on the right to swap. Each pendant is shown off to the group after we exchange with a random partner. I'm always so amazed at the pendants the other cruisers create! They are all beautiful and the ladies that make them are incredibly talented.

Days 2 and 3 were spent in the class room while the ship sailed at sea. Day 2 was our day of full classes. I took Heather Powers' Petals and Leaves class. We hammered and textured metal shapes, experimented with painting techniques with the Vintaj metal patina paints and did some riveting with the Vintaj rivets. The third day, we had our half-day classes. I took Tracy Stanley's Earrings class. We shaped thick gauge wire, hammered, patina'd and wire-wrapped cute earrings. I love the pair I made.

Later that third evening, we had our Bead Bazaar event. I sold some of my favorite fibers and stringing materials along with my own project kits and tutorials and my book. Diana acted as my assistant, helping me set up and merchandise my table. Wow, she is really good at that stuff! I was so relieved and glad to have her help with that.

The second evening, was our first formal dining-room dinner and our 70's disco party night. I wore gold jewelry and did up my eyes in glitter eye makeup. We had a cocktail or two and some of us even danced a little. ;) That was a really fun time!

 Day 4 we are finally in the BAHAMAS. Whooo Hooo! Diana and I were so happy to see some SUN and blue-turquoise tropical waters. The two of us joined the official bead group excursion to go snorkeling at Rainbow Reef. Then, we had lunch in Nassau. I tried some conch fritters.  After lunch, we browsed around the straw market and a few shops downtown.

 Day 5 we missed our port on Coco Cay island due to a rain storm. Boo. Major bummer. Instead, we beaded and made jewelry all day long on the ship! Not a bad consolation, if you ask me. I made the set above for the designer contest. I wasn't eligible for a prize, but it was still fun to participate and I love what I made. The set includes a handmade pendant by Andrew Thornton, wing charms by Nina Designs, toggle clasp by TierraCast and a variety of accent beads donated by Rosanne Garvison.

Day 6 we were in Florida. Diana arranged for a group of us to spend the day with our friend, Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf, who lives close to the ship port. I'm so glad she thought to make plans with her. I was really excited for the chance to see Barbara, again. She is just a sweetheart. She even made up gorgeous little packages for each of us with some of her marvelous handmade beads and pendants. I love her and her work.
Barbara picked up a group of us (Kashmira, Me, Diana and Terri) from the port in Cape Canaveral and drove us over to Baker's Beads in Coco Beach, FL.What a great bead shop! Wonderful selection of Czech glass beads, seed beads, metal beads, gemstones and other natural materials. Awesome selection of chain and alternative stringing materials like leather and Irish waxed linen cord. The day we were there, they were having an African bead trunk show. I was in bead heaven. I purchased a nice selection of gemstone, wood, bone and African trade beads as well as some chain, leather and buttons to make a few gift bracelets for friends.

Day 7 we were back at sea and it was time to teach my class! I taught my Triple Row Macrame Bracelet. Again, I had Diana's help to set up for class. Thank goodness she was there to help me. I don't know what I would have done without her.  Diana also supplied me with some of her handmade ceramic buttons for my students to use in their bracelets. Her buttons are beautifully made and perfect for this project. Everyone loved them.
I had 7 students in class. These ladies can knot! I'm very impressed with the work that everyone did. I took pictures of all the bracelets I could. The above bracelets are all the work of my students. I'm a proud teacher mama. 

Day 8 was our last full day on the ship out at sea. It was a free day to spend just relaxing. Diana and I slept in that morning and packed our suitcases. We ate lunch at Johnny Rocket's on the ship and then went out on the deck to enjoy some sunshine and take pictures.

The company on the Bead Cruise just can't be beat. I especially enjoyed the company of these 4 ladies. Diana, Kashmira, Sarajo and Kathleen. I made a great connection to each girl. We were all instant friends. What a fun crew. I have to say I really appreciate being able to hang with like-minded, jewelry-making, creative ladies in my own age group. These ladies made this year's cruise special for me. I hope I see them again soon. Till next time, girls.