Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plum Passion Bracelet

I created this piece for the latest design challenge. The theme this time around is 'Winter Enchantment'. Since Valentine's Day is a favorite Winter holiday that's right around the corner, I decided to go with a hearts theme! I love heart motifs, especially in jewelry! I picked out a few favorite Hill Tribe Silver heart charms from the charms section at Artbeads. I added in the Green Girl Studios heart button for the perfect closure.

I've been attracted to plums and purples lately and I do love this color palette for Winter. It does seem quite enchanting! I love the different finishes on these seed beads! I chose a variety of them in shades of purple and plum from the seed bead section at Artbeads and strung them up on my plum color waxed linen cord. I hope you've enjoyed my design! I love how this turned out. I'm looking forward to wearing this to a possible Valentine's Day Brunch with the hubby. LOVE! 

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Beading!

Disclaimer: has sent me the above mentioned beads, pendants, materials and/or findings to create with as part of their design partner blog program. I have not been paid by to participate. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NYC Weekend Bead Trip

I had a beadiful time in the city this past weekend with friends Lorelei, Nancy and Kelley! These ladies are the BEST friends a girl could ask for and so much fun to hang out with! We all met up in New York City on a serious mission for BEADS! (This is a looong post with lots of pictures, so grab a cup of something yummy and join me!)
 Lorelei and Kelley in the middle of Times Square! 

Nancy flippin' in Times Square!
Nancy took a few Flip videos during the trip. I can't wait to see how those turned out!
 Kelley in Times Square.
Kelley is an excellent photographer! She took a lot of great photos during the weekend. You can see her pics from the trip in Kelley's Album on Flickr!

 Kelley, Nancy and Me in Times Square!
I absolutely ADORE this photo that Lorelei took of the three of us! I want to frame this one and keep it on my desk. The only thing keeping it from being perfect is that Lori isn't in it!

I'm sorry to say that my picture-taking for the trip was sad, sad, sad, I'm afraid. Most of my pictures are all from the very beginning of our trip when we first arrived. After about 5 minutes of those fridged New York temperatures, the enthusiasm for pictures was quickly lost! Check out Lori, Kelley and Nancy on their blogs for more details on our trip and PICTURES! When we were in the bead shops, I was pretty focused on the BEADS, what I was going to get and how much I was spending, so sorry, no pictures of the bead shops either, but at least I can show you what I came home with and that's all that really matters anyway, right? Right!

So, without further ado, here's the tour of the NY bead stash!

Our first stop was Tinsel Trading Company! This shop was beautiful! It was filled with many vintage treasures and stocked from floor to ceiling with a vast array of trims and ribbons! It seems very strange that I didn't get any ribbon there, but I think I was just overwhelmed with the selection!
 Lorelei shopping at Tinsel Trading Company.

 Here's what I did get there. Some vintage metal sequins and a vintage metal button.

Next stop, Phoenix Stone & Beads Imports, Inc. Probably the best deals on stones at this bead store! Very nice people. It's wholesale, but if you pay cash they will let anyone shop. 
 Strands of metallic pearls, dyed agate, florite, turquoise, blue crazy lace agate and not sure what stone the purple teardrops are.

Next, was City Beads! This store had an amazing selection of Czech glass beads and seed beads! Very nice and helpful staff.
Some great quality wood beads and a selection of Czech glass.
Next, Toho Shoji! A Japanese bead shop! I love experiencing foreign ideas and concepts. It's especially exciting to see what's going on in the jewelry world outside the US. I really enjoyed this store. They had all kinds of different beads.
I ended up buying this book on wire mesh ribbon lace. It's all in Japanese! I can't read a word, lol! It's full of pictures of jewelry, though and that's enough! I've been wanting to try the wire mesh ribbon lace for quite a while now. It's on my list of materials to try and this book will help provide some inspiration!

Last stop on Saturday was M&J Trimmings! It was at the end of the day by the time we made it to this shop. We were pretty tired, so we didn't do much shopping. We barely made it through half the store! It was HUGE! Floor to ceiling, buttons, findings, leather, cords, ribbons and trims of all kinds!
I picked up these cool metal findings! I thought they'd make great earring components!

On Sunday, we went back to M&J Trimmings for another spin since we really didn't get through the whole shop the day before.
I'm sooo excited about these! I got these awesome faux leather flowers! I love the colors and finish they came in. I'm sure they are supposed to be appliques for embellishing a bag or hat, but I'm going to make them into pendants! L.O.V.E!

And last but certainly not least, Bead City New York Bead Center! This was a great, well-stocked shop! We spent a while in here. They had just about everything and a nice selection of EVERYTHING!
 Wood beads, silk beading cord, copper beads, copper flower pendant, turquoise donut and Japanese seed beads.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the pics and the tour of the bead stash! Thanks for joining me! :) I had a great time with my beady friends. Couldn't have asked for a better trip and I can't wait for the next adventure!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cute Nora Video!

While Mommy was in New York City buying beads with her friends (more on that later!), this was going on at home! Nora loves her new play mat! She was having so much fun, she tired herself out and fell right to sleep! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lorelei's Fusion Beads Challenge

 Today is the reveal day for Lorelei's Fusion Beads Challenge! Here's my necklace I call Feather Fall. A decidedly Fall-inspired design! The colors and beads that Lorelei chose reminded me of an Autumn palette, so I decided to just go with my first instinct! Fusion Beads was out of the green lucite leaves that Lorelei had picked out, so I went with these Sienna feather leaves instead since I wanted a Fall feel and the idea of the feathers went along with the Green Girl Studios Owl Toggle.

I started with the leather strand, taking full advantage of those fire-polished beads fitting perfectly on it! I knotted the beads an inch apart for a lighter feel. I simply strung the wood beads and Japanese seed beads and added the copper chain with the feather leaves dangling or "falling" down for the focal of the necklace.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my creation. Now, off to more blogs to see what the other participants did! :)  You Are Here! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Earthenwood Design Team

 Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio invited a few of her beady friends to participate in her newly formed design team! I'm one of the lucky designers chosen to work with her and boy, am I in some good company!  Here's the list of jewelry designers for this month:

Andrew Thornton
Gaea Cannaday
Denise Yezbak Moore
Erin Prais-Hintz 
Erin Siegel
Heather Powers
Lorelei Eurto
 Lori Anderson
Jean Yates
Marie Dodd 
Lauren from Laurel Moon
Kristie from Colliebug and Company
 This month's theme is "Cabin Fever" and Melanie sent us each the components above from her "lumber" series. When I first saw some of her components from this line, I thought of wood boards or planks that you would use to build a child's playhouse or...a tree house! I always wished for a tree house to play in when I was little. Heck, I still want that tree house, LOL! I finally decided to live out my childhood fantasy and I made myself a tree house bracelet! Melanie's work often looks as though it is from the fantasy realm. I love the whimsical nature her pieces bring to jewelry designs.

 "Tree House" by Erin Siegel
 I used dark green waxed linen cord to string some tree agate rounds (which was very appropriate, I just love stuff like that!), varying shades of pressed glass leaves, wood beads and copper. I hope you like my design and I hope Melanie likes it, too! Maybe I can still get that tree house if I can get my husband to build one for our daughter, Nora some day and I'll get to play in it, too!...or at least live vicariously through her...but for now I will enjoy my bracelet.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Waxed Linen Jewelry

Well, I know it's been a little quiet around here, especially on the jewelry front! I did manage to make a few new pieces recently. Of course, they are created with my favorite material, waxed linen cord!

 Linen Blossom
This first necklace is a delicate piece with green agate rounds and new jade wire-wrapped dangles braided into the waxed line cord for the necklace. The pendant is an Earthenwood Studio flower bead with wrapped dangles of green agate, new jade and carnelian. The closure is also an Earthenwood bead.
 Night Magic
This next piece is a fun multi-strand bracelet! Eight strands of blue waxed linen cord beaded with hues of blue seed beads. The cool button closure is from Green Girl Studios. I used an easy technique to create the button loop that I will be sharing in the upcoming book! I hope you will be looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

On a walk, New Year's Day 2011

Happy New Year, Everyone! May 2011 be filled with joy and prosperity for all!