Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bodhi Day Necklace TUTORIAL

Much of my jewelry designing is influenced by foreign cultures and countries. I'm drawn to and intrigued by other cultural ideals, concepts, imagery, symbols and styles from all over the world. I am always thirsty for all kinds of knowledge and I have a health curiosity for things near and far. I love learning about how others live their lives around the world and why they do what they do. I can channel an experience of anything and travel to far off places through creating jewelry. That is one of the many reasons why crafting and creating is such an important part of my life.

The concepts and ideology of most eastern cultures resonate with me in particular. Recently, I was inspired by some research I did on a Buddhist holiday called Bodhi Day. On Bodhi Day, December 8th, people all over the world celebrate the Buddha's enlightenment and teachings. The Buddha attained enlightenment while sitting under a bodhi tree, which is a revered symbol in eastern cultures.

 Bodhi Day Inspiration Board

During Bodhi Day celebrations, it is customary to string multi-colored lights about the house. The multiple colors represent the many pathways to enlightenment, all of which are valid and respected. The lights are turned on beginning on the 8th of December and continue for the next 30 days. Candles are also lit at night to symbolize enlightenment. For many, the day is spent being mindful, meditating and practicing yoga. To learn more about how Bodhi Day is observed, visit here.

For November, I designed a necklace for Ornamentea.com inspired by what I learned about Bodhi Day.

Bodhi Day Necklace
designed for Ornamentea.com.
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If you'd like to make your own Bodhi Day necklace, Check out my TUTORIAL at Ornamentea.com. This necklace would be a great piece to wear to yoga class, during meditation or any time you want to reflect and be mindful. Also, would make a great gift for yoga lovers on your gift list or anyone wanting a little bit of zen in their lives! So, feel the zen, say OM and make the Bodhi Day Necklace.


- 1 Buddha head bead
- 1 yoga tree pose charm
- 1 filigree leaf charm
- 3 Czech glass 6mm beads
- 2 Czech glass 4mm beads
- 4 3" headpins
- jump rings
- 2 fold-over ends
- 1 spring ring 9mm clasp
- 2" of open extender chain
- 16" of white 2mm leather cord
- 2 yards of 4-ply Irish waxed linen cord in EACH color: garnet, orange, petunia and plum


- Scissors
- Ruler
-Pair of chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Wire cutters
1. Close up all the jump rings and set aside. Use 1 headpin to string one 4mm bead, the Buddha head and one 6mm bead; form a wrapped loop. Use 1 headpin to string one 6mm bead; form a wrapped loop. Repeat once more. Use 1 headpin to string one 4mm bead; form a wrapped loop. Set all dangles aside as shown.
2. Bring all the cord ends together; insert all the cord ends into 1 fold-over end; close up the fold- over end as shown.

3. Use one strand of linen to wrap around the leather cord and the 3 other linen cords for ½" as shown. Repeat step, alternating the linen colors until the leather cord is completely covered. Once you have wrapped 6" down the leather cord, string on a jump ring. Pass the cord through the jump ring once more and continue wrapping. Add a jump ring along the cord at 1" intervals after the first one as shown.

4. Trim the linen cords and insert the leather and linen into the other fold-over end as shown.

5. Use a leftover piece of linen cord to tie the Buddha dangle onto the center jump ring with a square knot. Trim ends. Attach the yoga charm and filigree leaf in the same matter on either side of the Buddha dangle.

6. Attach the 6mm bead dangles to the remaining jump rings.
7. Attach the clasp to the ring of 1 fold-over end. Attach the piece of chain to the ring of the other fold-over end. Attach the 4mm bead dangle to the free end of chain.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review and GIVEAWAY: Leather Jewelry

Leather Jewelry: 30 Contemporary Projects by Nathalie Mornu

I'm giving away an author SIGNED copy of Leather Jewelry by Nathalie Mornu. Head on over to the Art Bead Scene blog to read my book review and enter to win!

Good luck
Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gypsy Ways Necklace Project

Gypsy Ways Necklace

A quick and easy bohemian-Inspired leather necklace featuring art beads by Heather Powers, Elaine Ray and C-Koop beads. Check out my FREE project tutorial over on the Art Bead Scene Blog!

And just for kicks, I put together a fun outfit to pair with the necklace:

Modern Gypsy

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ears To You Earring Blog Hop

Collection of earrings designed to be donated to Ears To You organization

I'm participating in an earring blog hop hosted by jewelry designer, Amy Freeland of Copper Diem. Amy organized this earring hop to benefit a non-profit organization called:
Ears To You.
 Read my FULL post over at the Art Bead Scene blog. It's my turn for 'Studio Saturday' and you could win a copy of my Bohemian Knotted Earring tutorial. So, come visit me over on ABS!

This is a blog hop.