Sunday, October 17, 2010

Michaels Challenge

Today is reveal day for the Micheal's Challenge! Back a few weeks ago, Lorelei posed a reader beading challenge on her blog. We were all to buy similar beads from Micheal's and make a necklace using as many elements from Lorelei's chosen bead stash (above) as we could. Here's the necklace I came up with. I made an earthy, chunky necklace.
I ended up buying only two of the beads from Lorelei's picks. The white carved cinnabar beads and the green freshwater pearls. I kept the same color palette of dark brown, white and green. I substituted in these large dark wooden rounds to represent the dark brown beads Lorelei had selected. I added in these silver nugget beads and silver seed beads as my added element to the piece.

I used 6 strands of waxed linen cord to make the necklace. I strung the green freshwater pearls together in clusters for fullness and dimension. The silver seed beads were strung onto the multiple strands of linen and wrapped around the large wooden rounds for a decorative effect. Even though I used only two of Lorelei's bead picks, all of the beads in my necklace I bought at Micheal's! Now, I just need a nice name for my creation, any suggestions? Please leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by! There are lots of others participating in this fun challenge! Below is the list. Click the links to go on to the next designers! or Go to Lorelei's blog to check out the list there!

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  1. I really, really, like this! And not just because you used seed beads, although that definitely didn't hurt your chances! It's just so amazingly creative! GREAT JOB!

  2. Love the wrapped beads!!! Beautiful job : )

  3. holy moses you are so freakin talented. ;)
    I love this so much, has to be my favorite so far!
    Great great piece, the seed beads on the the wood beads, looks so cool- I can't wait to try this out myself.
    Great job- you rock.

  4. Love the rich, subtle colors. The silver bead wrapping the dk brown rounds is outstanding.
    My best impression for a name is "Morning (dew drops) rainforest".

  5. Beautiful piece Erin. You are amazing.

  6. Very nice! I think those brown beads look like Chinese Lanterns... that would be a good name.

    Enjoy the day.

  7. Ditto everybody else, amazingly creative and beautiful piece. Each piece has been so different it is really amazing!!

  8. your work with the waxed linen is stunning - but then, you have always worked wonders with it!

  9. Wow! So bohemian! This is a fantastic piece, it's so beautiful! I love it. :D Nicely done, nicely done!

  10. I don't think it is appropriate for me to write what I said out LOUD when I saw your piece. Let's just say I think it is AMAZINGLY COOL! Absolutely unique and exciting. Gorgeaus!

  11.'s name is : Stand back cause i'm stunningly Gorgeous..
    amazing work..

  12. Great work and very different.
    I thought about not buying some beads too, but in the end I just decided to follow the rules.

  13. Wow! You really are a master with the linen cord! I love the groupings of pearls, and the way the cord "frames" the other beads!

  14. You know Erin you always I said ALWAYS have another Angle. This is Really Wonderful and I knew when I clicked on your page you would not have the ordinary. Just Superb Erin!!!

  15. Oh wow Erin, I just love what you have done with those big wooden beads! Totally special. And your clasp's just lovely!

  16. WOW!! I think this is my favorite!!! So glad I was able to find your blog through this challenge!

  17. I love how you beaded around the bigger beads! great look!

  18. Wow! What a great piece! I love how you framed the carved beads with seed beads!

  19. I love your wrapped beads to make it all come together ~ Beautiful!!

  20. Really lovely! I just adore how tribal it feels. The clusters of green pearls is so clever. You've taken tiny pearls and given them more mass and girth to go with the other larger components. Nicely done!

  21. Really cool - love the silver and the brown!

  22. so different! so voluptuous! just stunning and unique and amazing.

  23. Okay, I really can't comment - speechless...
    well, not really ;) I'm just in love with your necklace!

  24. WOW! Stunning comes to mind... ;)

  25. This piece is amazing, I love it!

  26. Wow - absolutely GORGEOUS - I am in awe of your talent! The design is so interesting and textural without being fussy - I love it!

  27. I love the silver seed beads around the larger beads! Well done!

  28. Love. It. The silver beads over the wooden beads is great. I also love the stringing! So beautiful.

  29. This is really cool. I don't know a good name. But I was just thinking that I was curious about the name you choose for the baby. And then I was wondering if you would wear a necklace for the birth. I made one for mine and it had carnelian (supposed to help for the birth) and little good luck charms and a GGS pendant Andrew gave me one day which said courage. I know I am rambling. Anyways, I love your necklace.

  30. I would soooooo wear this! And I really like what you did to the large round beads!

  31. I adore all the special little details you added to this necklace. Simply beautiful!!
    I really want to try stringing with the waxed linen. You've certainly mastered it!!

  32. Erin, this is incredible. One of my favorite of all of your designs!!!

  33. Absolutely gorgeous! I love how you beaded around the large brown beads.


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