Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lucky Talisman Necklace

 This month, I received a lucky horseshoe pendant from Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio for the design team challenge. I love this cute pendant! It has a horseshoe symbol on the front and the word "lucky" inscribed on the back. I knew right away I wanted to create a charm talisman necklace for myself. A special totem piece to remind me of important things in my day to day life. The idea of creating jewelry with powerful symbolic meaning really speaks to me. I chose a fairly simple design because I wanted the necklace to be a universal piece I would wear with everything.
  Originally, I thought I would buy some charms and hand pick specific ones for this necklace. I don't have as many charms as I would like, but I dug through my stash and I found these three. A feather, a heart-in-hand, and a dragonfly. I decided to just use what I had. After I finished my necklace, I decided to do a little research and find out the meanings of each symbol and charm. Here's what I found:

The Horseshoe - Horseshoes are a symbol of good luck in many cultures. Especially, Ireland and European countries. Legend has it that a horseshoe pointing upwards will gather your luck and hold it like a vessel. If the horseshoe is pointing downward, your luck will pour out and you will be showered with it.

The Feather - Feathers are a powerful symbol, especially in Native American cultures. They usually symbolize a higher spiritual path.
Heart-in-Hand - This symbol represents compassion, charity or helping others in some way. It also symbolizes putting ones love, heart and soul into the things one makes with their hands.

The Dragonfly - As a creature of the wind, the dragonfly represents change. As a creature of the water, they represent emotions, the subconscious and/or dreams. These symbolic meanings are particularly found in Asian and Native American cultures. Some of the other symbolic meanings for dragonflies are prosperity, good luck, strength, peace and harmony.

I'm wondering what all this could mean for me? Yes, I do think there are some important messages here for me to think about. After all, it was my intention to make a lucky talisman/totem necklace for myself.

I will leave you while I ponder the deeper meanings of life....

  Oh, and if you know of any other meanings for the symbols in the necklace, please let me know in the comments! Or leave me any comment you like...I love your comments! :)


  1. it's so sweet!! I love the knotted square beads, and the charms seem totally appropriate and adorable. Love the length too. I can see you wearing this one a lot!

  2. That's so cute! I love the asymmetrical placement of the charms, and the way you knotted the little beads. And I swear I have on the same t-shirt right now. Old Navy?

  3. I love what the cube shapes add to it! They contrast nicely with the round pendant. I like the asymmetrical placement too. Both unusual and very wearable!

  4. Love it! Not the design you were talking about in the beginning, but this one really works! You are just so talented, will you adopt me too?

  5. Oh Erin, I am so silly today! I was so totally wrapped up in the design that I wasn't watching which Erin I was speaking too. Just take out the second sentence. Everything else is said with complete sincerity. I do love this peice and you too. =:0

  6. Such a great piece! I have to photograph mine, but this would be an infinitely wearable necklace. How clever to tie those cubes. And so full of meaning. Love it!
    Enjoy the day, Erin!
    Erin ;-)

  7. A sweet cowgirl theme going on! One of my favorite artists, Stephanie Sersich, said that she doesn't keep much of her own jewelry, but she DID keep a bracelet with lots of charms like those (horseshoes, etc) and it had a cute name with "cowgirl" in it -- wish I could remember!

  8. Love this!!! I also have a thing for charms - this has such a touchstone feel to it. I'd wear it everyday.

  9. I love the charms that you choose. I can see them guiding your way.

  10. Very cute!! Love how you explained the power and meaning of the symbols. Now I'm beginning to like dragonflies :)

  11. I remember ebony wood from my stay in the Philippines. It was highly prized back then because it was so strong. I love these beads--so simple but versatile.


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