Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simple Link Bracelet Tutorial

Happy Saturday! I recently had a fun time making these little link bracelets. They are so simple and easy to make, so I thought I'd share. I hope you enjoy making some of these for yourself or they would make great gifts, too! One of the nice things about this design, the bracelets can be made with an adjustable closure, so they are able to fit a range of wrist sizes.

What you'll need:

1 yard or 36" of 1mm Waxed Cotton Cord - Fire Mountain Gems
1 TierraCast Rhodium Peace Link -
1 Silver Greek Chip bead - Fire and Fibers


The measurements given in the instructions below fit my wrist on the first loop closure.
This bracelet works best if it's fitted perfectly to your wrist, so you may need to adjust the measurements just slightly to get a nice fit. The adjustable closure helps with that a bit though!

It's simple and I love it. It looks really cute layered with other bracelets, too.
Let me know if you make one....or five. Trust me you'll be addicted!
Feel free to link to this tutorial, if you are so inclined.


  1. Love the simplicity of this. I've got a button and a bronze ring that I think I'll go try this with. Thanks, Erin!

  2. Have to look for the supplies - I will definitly try this. Thank you for the tut!

  3. Cute idea! So simple and looks great layered. I don't know why I don't make bracelets. You make it look so easy. But I have to comment that I actually gasped when I saw your new headshot. Not that I didn't already think you were lovely, but really that is stunning! Now I know where that sweet babe gets her good looks. ;-)
    Enjoy the day.

  4. Great idea! I'm going to have to give it a try! Thanks Erin!

  5. Just what girls want to wear these days...trendy and modern jewelry that suits the casual look that they want to sport.Love the look really.

  6. Very cute, Erin! Thanks for the tut!

  7. Very simple and cute! Love the easy 123 instructions! In the first picture, are the bracelets linked together?

  8. I really like the simplicity of your designs - they are clear and beautiful. I admire the style of your jewelry. And by the way, it's very nice that you share their skills with others. Greetings from Poland!

  9. Thanks Erin, such a simple design but I'll be able to use it when I make my enamelled bracelets. Thanks for sharing

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  11. I've been looking for something cute and easy to make for a while and this is great! I love the way it looks, simple yet bold!

  12. Your post is incredible, can’t wait for more updates


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