Friday, August 26, 2011

Have you seen my new banner?

Have you noticed my new blog banner? Pretty snazzy, heh? I love it. What's even better is, the lovely Lori Plyler of Studio Waterstone created it for me. That Lori, she is so talented, isn't she? She's definitely one of my favorite artists. I have one of her handmade leather hand bags. I love that, too. Anyway, back to the banner story. I was visiting Lori's blog one day. She posted about some banners she made for her blog. I've admired the beautiful, professional image she creates for her own blog and Etsy shop for sometime now. I got the idea to ask Lori if she might be interested in making her talents available to others.

Luckily enough for me, she was interested! And lucky enough for YOU, too. Lori has decided to make her talents available to all her blog friends and she will create a unique banner for you. She even has a special banner page on her blog. Check that out right here. I highly recommend her. One happy customer here!


  1. Looks incredible Erin!! Showcases your pretty jewelry and has your name all over it! hehe!

  2. Erin this is really nice! It just pops!

    I love Lori's banner that she made for her own blog, too. I need some major help w/mine so thanks for the heads up on this!

  3. That is a wonderfuk banner, Erin. And she is really a great artist!

  4. Erin, thank you SO much girl! I loved working with you and, if I must say (and I must), the new banner looks simply mah-volous.

  5. That is lovely. Showcases your work and style so well! I think Lori is great. I have been stalking her bags for sometime to find the right one for me. I will have to check that out. That girl has talent that doesn't end (of course, you have that too!)
    Enjoy the day!
    Erin (the other ;-)

  6. Very cute, loving the colors. Goes very well together!

  7. Erin,your pieces are truly inspirational,the colours and shapes,textures and hidden meanings all indicate you are in love with what you are doing,willbe following your blog and hope to see lots more!
    we are a young bloggers and would really like to get more tips from you on how to make our blog as efficient as yours

    xxx P&C
    congratulations on your new baby
    please visit us if you've got a minute


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