Monday, December 12, 2011

Beaded Bookmarks

I've got books, books, books on the brain lately and rightly so. Lorelei and I will be doing the final edits and will be getting our very FIRST look at our completed book, Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather, Ribbon and Cords over the Christmas holiday! A very special gift for me, indeed. I came up with this idea of making a beaded and braided bookmark as a celebration of sorts and also as a way to create and share my joy and excitement with others as I wait in great anticipation for the release of the book! I'm really excited about how my projects came out. I just had to share. I'm giving these as holiday gifts this year to family and friends. Everyone as been so supportive over the last year and this is my way to express my gratitude for that special support that was needed and given during the book writing process. I really like that it's something other than jewelry, but still expresses my style, esthetic and materials I love using in my jewelry designs.

Looks great holding your place in your favorite novel! Or these bookmarks would certainly be perfect to use along side your favorite beading book, don't you think?...just sayin'. :)

I think these will make great gifts, even for the guys! The guys on my list are getting one, like this bone bead one pictured above. 

Hmmm...maybe I could make up a tutorial for these so you can make one for yourself or give as a gift as well. Would anyone be interested in that? Let me know. I would love to share this with all of you, too!


  1. Love it! Did this with my son when he was in 2nd grade for unique, non sugary Valentine's day gifts. I like yours with the braid so much better. And yippee on the book! So excited for you!
    Enjoy the day.

  2. Yes, please to the tutorial - such a great idea for a teacher gift (which I have to deliver this week)! ;o)

  3. They are lovely the ones you made. And great christmas presents.

  4. They are lovely, a tutorial on the braiding would be welcome. Thank you.

  5. Yes, those bookmarks are so cute! I also would like to see a tutorial:) Greetings!


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