Thursday, April 12, 2012

Off to Bead Fest!

Bead Fest Philly 2011 
Picture taken by Andrew Thornton.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Bead Fest Spring in Philadelphia this weekend. Are you going??? It will be a much needed getaway girls weekend with some wonderful beady friends. I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces I met last year, as well as some new friends, too! I will be promoting my new book with Lorelei, called Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry. Our publisher, Interweave Press, sent us some cute postcards to hand out at the show.

I will also be running a "test class" to help me prepare for my Bohemian Knotted Earrings Workshop coming up at the next Bead Fest in August. I'm so glad that some of the ladies going to the Spring show were willing to participate and voluteer their time. This test class will allow me to practice my teaching skills and gain some more experience teaching these particular techniques. I'm looking forward to the feedback from my volunteer students!

Oh, and there may be some bead shopping thrown in there somewhere, too. ;) It's funny, the beads are certainly secondary to socializing with other bead enthusiasts! For me, the people are definitely the main attraction for the event. How about you? What's your favorite part about attending a bead show? The people? The classes? The beads? Do tell and I hope to see you there!  


  1. It will be interesting to be your student. So we can learn more skills to creat new things. Hope you have fun

  2. Have fun! I am jealous of all the beady camaraderie that will be happening. You will be a great teacher because you are warm and engaging and have a passion to share! Enjoy the day!
    Erin(the other ;-)

  3. I'll hopefully see you there in August!


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