Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wellness Words Jewelry Challenge

My friend, Tracy Statler, is hosting a new jewelry-making challenge over on her blog, Make Bracelets! The challenge is called, Inspire Change: Wellness Words Jewelry. The idea is to choose a positive word, phrase or mantra that you want to incorporate into your life and create a piece of jewelry around it. I love this idea and I love the trend of inspirational jewelry that hold meaningful messages. Tracy calls it "healthy" jewelry and I couldn't agree more! The messages in the jewelry helps us to be mindful. When we are mindful, we are more self-aware. When we are self-aware, we are in alignment with our true self. When we are in alignment with ourselves, we are in a state of well-being. So, yes. Healthy is very appropriate.

Many folks choose a word at the beginning of the new year to use as a guide, a mantra to help them achieve a goal, a dream or positive change in their lives for the coming year. I have not intentionally committed to doing this in the past. This year, however, a word and a phrase chose me. I wasn't particularly seeking out a word, but when this thought came to mind, it resonated with me.

My word is:
as in
 'Expand Your Horizons'

I'm excited to see what this means for me, where it will take me and what it holds for the future. I know one thing already, I WILL be literally 'expanding my horizons' on the Bead Cruise 2013! Yeah! (More on that coming soon!)

Hope on over to Tracy's blog for all the details and to sign up for the challenge. Sign-ups close January 20th, so hurry! The jewelry reveal date is February 2nd. See you then!


  1. Your pendant is on its way to you! Let me know when you get it. I am beyond honored to have created it for you!
    Enjoy the day. Erin (the other ;-)

  2. That's a a wonderful word Erin. I'm excited to see how you use it in a piece of jewelry! Thanks for the mentions on your blog and on Facebook!


  3. Oh! I'm sorry I am missing this one, I am mediating on the word "courage" and started a prototype I would have loved to contribute. I am really looking for to the reveal date!

  4. Great idea as I believe good art can be inspirational as well as just pleasing to look at. I would appreciate a copy of your words to get me kick started. I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, because I don’t want to disappoint myself...!!


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