Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anchor Leather Bracelet TUTORIAL

by Erin Siegel

I LOVE nautical themes. I do live by the sea after all! I have always loved the ocean and life near the harbor. I've been seeing the anchor motif everywhere this year and I just love it. I decided I needed to make my own anchor accessory via Ornamentea, of course. The nautical trend is hot and not just for Summer anymore! You can rock this style all year round.


Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

1: Use 6” of leather to form a lark’s head knot on the loop of the anchor charm. Repeat for the opposite end of the charm as shown.

2: Insert the ends of the leather into a fold over end and close. Repeat for the other side of the bracelet as shown.
3: Attach the spring clasp to the loop of one fold over end as shown.
4: Use the jump ring to attach the extender chain to the loop of the fold over end. Use the head pin to string 1 filed cube; form a wrapped loop that attaches to the free end of the extender chain as shown.


  1. This anchor leather bracelet is really a unique piece and I love the color combination of it. You have done a great job and created a nice piece.

  2. Awesome tutorial, gorgeous!
    !this bracelet is so beautiful! great job.. i like it..

  3. Hi,
    This bracelet has amazing design and attractive color combination. Really women's bracelets has its own charm that enhance the grace of women's outfit.

  4. Where did you find this lovely anchor charm, Erin? That is perfect and just what I'm looking for! I love this design.
    Terilyn, Snellville, Georgia


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