Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Issue of Stringing!

I love Stringing Magazine! It's one of the best publications out there for featuring creative jewelry designs. I'm lucky enough to have my first published pieces of jewelry in this issue of the magazine!
Ocean's Bounty Necklace and Sand Dollar Earrings

I love seeing my own work on the pages, but I LOVE flipping through and seeing the creations of some of my favorite beady, bloggy friends!!! Check them out!

Melanie Brooks - My favorite from this issue: Bracelet #17!
Gaea Cannaday - Cute Bracelet #6!
Lorelei Eurto - My favorite from this issue: Tweet Wishes Necklace!
Kelly Morgan - My favorite from this issue: Barnacle Beach Necklace! (Love this!)
Sharon Palac - Enchanted Pathway Necklace! (Amazing!)
Kristie Roeder - My favorite from this issue: Earrings #31!
Andrew Thornton - My favorite from this issue: Earrings #2!
Heather Trudeau - Quick-Change Artist Necklace! 
Jennifer Judd Velasquez - My favorite from this issue: Simple-Cut Elegance Necklace! (So Pretty!)
Dorothy Winchell - My favorite from this issue: Nature Walk Necklace!


  1. I agree! I think this is one of the best issues yet. I am not in there officially, but I am in the ad for Soft Flex across from your sunny smile! Congratulations! I hope this marks the entry of a whole new world for your jewelry! Enjoy the day, Erin!
    Erin (the other ;-)

  2. I adore this necklace! Awesome work as always, Erin.

  3. This is one of my faves from the magazine and I am so happy that you are now a famous published artist! Your new creations are beautiful, but of course I am sad to see your ceramic beads go, they were lovely!

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Erin! Your piece was definitely one of my faves - I'm just dying over those sea glass nuggets and how fantastic they look with your sand dollars.

  5. I just picked up this issue yesterday and loved your piece! The colors are so soothing, and that sea glass is so pretty.

  6. Erin, I agree this issue is stunning. Congrats on your first published piece!!! Your Oceans necklace is a knock-out, I noticed it right away for it's beautiful, soft sea tones. I love how you incorporate the waxed linen cord...and those top-drilled sea glass chips.

  7. Congratulations--what a great necklace to start your publishing career! :)


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