Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bead Studio-WIP

The bead studio is coming along! I have a few more things up in my room. 

I got this great pegboard installed! This is so functional! I love having everything out where I can see it all and just quickly grab any tool or supply I need. The pegboard comes as a kit with different kinds of hooks, attachments and accessories, like these clear bins and the cups. I found these pegboards on  

Here's the link to the one I bought. The price on Amazon was a little cheaper than on the manufacturer's website. The pegboards are made by this company called Azar Displays. They make all kinds of pegboards and displays for retail stores. They have a variety of different accessories that can be used with the plain pegboards. Definitely check out this company!
I put these painted wooden drawers behind my laptop. They hide all the wires in the corner from my electronic devices. Plus, I can store a few things in the drawers. They also hold a few jewelry displays on top, which I hope to fill with newly made creations soon!
Here's my wall art for the room! Well, it's not really finished yet. lol. It will be a cherry blossom branch once I put the flowers up! But even just the branches are pretty! Can't wait to see it finished, it's going to be sooo pretty! It's a vinyl wall decal I ordered from The Kinky Wall Studio on Etsy. It is really the perfect solution for the slanted in walls in this room!

Here is more pegboards on the opposite wall. I started to put a few things up. These are most of my cords and ribbons. A great way to store and display these materials, don't you think? I just love this! Everything is well organized and each material has a place to live! I love it when things have homes.  As you can see, I'm a big fan of having everything stored out in the open. I find it much easier to design jewelry that way. If I don't see it I forget I have it. I can't take full advantage of the beads and supplies I have if I don't know I have it or I can't find it in boxes full of random things. Am I the only one with this problem? I think not.

 Well, gotta get back to this cutie right here.
I'll show more later! Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think of my space so far and the pegboards and wall decal!


  1. Oh yes! Looks awesome. Peg board. That is what I also want to have. Didn't know what it was called in English only. Everything looks so neat and tidy now. Where and how will you store your beads?

  2. Everything looks great and functional also.
    You're doing a really good job considering the slanted walls!! The earring stands look like whimsical ferns growing out of a magical forest.
    Can't wait to see the cherry blossoms bloom and then there's that other little cherry blossom, Adorable!

  3. I love organization and your peg boards are a great idea. You room looks very colorful with your carpet. I can see amazing stuff being created there.

  4. I love the pegboard idea! I agree with you that it is so much easier when you can see what you have to work with. I have all my cords and ribbons in a box, and I always forget I have them. I also like the branch art...I love watching the progress of your studio transformation!!

  5. I agree with you, I have to be able to 'see' my stuff, too! Everything you have done is just great! I know you will enjoy every minute you get to spend in your new studio! Oh, and babies, I just love them, too! Give that beautiful, sweet thing lots of hugs and kisses! My babies aren't little anymore, :(, but they still gets lots of hugs and kisses! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Erin! I found your blog through your etsy store. I love your new studio and can't wait to see the cherry blossoms! I do agree though, that the branch looks really cool too. Does the new studio mean you'll be making new wonderful things for your etsy store? I am in love with your ceramic leaf connectors and would love to purchase some if you are going to make them again. Your little one is adorable! ~Stacey

  7. Your studio set up has really come along nicely. I love peg boards, I am also thinking of a magnetic board to hold metal tins of frit/ enamel etc.
    Love the branch on the slanted ceiling, it looks just fab even by itself.
    Beautiful baby.

  8. Everything looks GREAT!!! Iam going to check out the sites you mentioned!!!

  9. wow, I'd love to have a place like that !!!

  10. The desk is fantastic! ...and the sweet tree branch....just lovely!

  11. Looks wonerful! The desk does give you tons of room to spread out and create and the peg boards w/the clear basket organizers are really wonderful. I think this might be a solution for my studio space, too. I have things put away and can't see them at all and this set up seems like it would help w/being more productive - not to mention,...organized! :)

  12. Hey Erin,
    Were'd you find those little round clear 'cups' you have? The ones I checked out only have (or look like they only have) the rectangle/square clear ones and only one, not two or three, like you have and you've inspired me to get a bit more organized, despite my lack of space these days! :)


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