Monday, April 18, 2011

A Visit with the Grandparents

 We had a visit with Nora's Grandparents a few weeks ago. Nora is 5 months in these pictures. She's almost 6 months, now. The time as flown by so quickly. Here is our pictures!

Sitting on Mommy's lap...

Grandma, Nora and a Daffodil...

Reading a story with Grandpa...

Playing on the floor with Daddy...


  1. She is gorgeous, what a treasure.

  2. She's a beauty. I love seeing her total concentration when she looks at things.

  3. Oh Erin! What joy that little one brings! Her bright eyes and her expectant face. Every day is a new adventure with a treasure like that in your life. So precious! Thank you for sharing your sweet Nora with all of us. I have a hard time remembering my own daughter at that age. She is 10 now. And it went by in a blink.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. OMG That baby is RIDICULOUS cute!!! This is the best age 6months to 18 months it is amazing how they transform into tiny little people. Enjoy her!

  5. I love the look of wonder and amusement in that last photo. She's so cute!

  6. She is beautiful. My son (Mason) is 6 months. It is amazing to see what they show us each day.

  7. My favorite picture is the 2nd one. That little wrinkled forehead, makes you wonder what's she thinking? I gotta tell you she looks just like


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