Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fringy Pearls and Leather Earrings - Free Project

Happy December, my friends!
Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting some free jewelry projects. I hope you will enjoy them.
Fringy Pearls and Leather Earrings
I love the look of pearls and leather together. These earrings are quick and easy to make for gifts or for yourself. I also love how this earring project uses crimp cord ends in a unique way!

Fringy Pearls and Leather Earrings 
Erin Siegel 

12 silver 6mm potato fresh-water pearls 
2 copper 7x6mm rice fresh-water pearls 
2 antique silver-plated 12x6.5mm pewter crimp cord ends 
14 sterling silver 2” headpins 
6” of Black 2mm leather cord 
1 pair of sterling silver ear wires 

Wire cutters 
Chain nose pliers 
Round nose pliers 

1: Use 1 headpin to string 1 silver pearl; make a double wrapped loop, making sure to make a loop large enough to string onto the leather. Repeat 5 more times. Use 1 headpin to string 1 copper pearl; make a double wrapped loop, again, making sure that your loop in large enough to fit on the leather.  
2: Cut the leather piece in half. Using one 3” piece of leather, string 3 silver pearl dangles, the copper pearl dangle and 3 silver pearl dangles. 
3: Bring the leather ends together and insert them into the crimp end finding. Crimp the crimp end with chain nose pliers. Attach an ear wire to the loop of the crimp end finding. Repeat steps to make the second earring. 

Ear wires: Miss Fickle Media. Leather and crimp ends:


  1. Love them. Thanks so for offering them to us.

  2. I love these!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  3. The crimp cord ends were the first thing I noticed about these. Great idea and lovely design.

  4. I never comment as much as you deserve. These are fantastic and I love what you do with all the wonderful fibers and cording! I need to learn to add more of that. Might have to re read your book when I am at the Hospital resting! Sounds like the perfect thing to do :)

  5. Love these. And now I know what to do with all those scraps of leather that are too short for other jewelry pieces. Pearls and leather are such an interesting pairing as well.

  6. Oooh, thanks for the tutorial! I like this kind of thing, mixing pearls with casual. Lovely.

  7. What size crimp end finding did you use?

  8. So grateful for your generosity, Erin. I made up two pair last night with scraps of leather cording. Pearls and leather are such an interesting combo.

  9. Oh so cute! Thank you for this sweet tutorial and links.. You are always so generous.

  10. I have never tried these crimp cord ends, and I'm anxious to. What diameter is the inside of the ones you used for 2mm leather? That seems to be a measurement they include in the description, but I'm not sure which to choose. I want to make sure they fit. Thank you for the tutorial for such beautiful earrings!! I also love your Bohemian Style Jewery book so much! Michelle


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