Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day Glow Earrings TUTORIAL

Spring is in full swing now. I'm seeing lots of bright colors popping up outside as well as inside my favorite shops and clothing boutiques. My latest jewelry design for Ornamentea.com is an ode to warm, sunshine days ahead and a nod to the neon fashion trend! Click over to Ornamentea.com to see the full tutorial.

These sunny earring will brighten any day whether the sun is out or not. I love the look of the turquoise crystal chain adorned ear wires, the texture of the bright orange waxed linen cord and the cheery yellow ceramic beads by artist, Elaine Ray.

A special thanks to Debbie Blair, editor over at Jewelry Stringing magazine for featuring my earring tutorial for Ornamentea on the Beading Daily Blog! Check out her blog post to see Debbie's unique version of these earrings!


- 2 12mm Elaine Ray ceramic rounds
- 2 large kidney ear wires
- 2 3" headpins
- 3" of 2.5mm crystal chain
- 36" of Irish waxed linen cord


- Chain nose
- Round nose
- Cutters
- Scissors

1. Use 18" of waxed linen to tie an overhand knot onto 1 headpin, leaving a 3" tail as shown.
2. String 1 ceramic round onto both cord ends and the headpin as shown.

3. Using the long end of cord, wrap around the headpin and the short tail above the bead as shown. Tie the two ends of cord together with a square knot, trim and make a wrapped loop above the linen wraps as shown.

4. Hold a 1 ½" piece of crystal chain on top of 1 kidney ear wire. Place the middle of the remaining waxed linen cord under the first crystal in the chain and wrap the cord around the chain and the ear wire in a criss-cross fashion as shown. Tightly wrap until all the chain is securely attached to the ear wire. Tie the two ends of cord together with a square knot and trim close to the knot.

5. Attach the beaded dangle to the ear wire and repeat steps for the second earring.


  1. Totally awesome color palette! I see these paired with a flowy skirt and a crisp white tank. You are really knocking them out of the park, Miss Erin! Enjoy the day. Erin (the other ;-)

  2. LOVE the fiber in these and the oh-so Boho look! these are fantastic!

  3. These earrings are amazing! Definitely going to try and incorporate fiber into some future designs. So pretty!

  4. A big WOW for this cute pair of earrings. The color and the pattern are beautiful and I am mesmerized after seeing this cute earring.

  5. Gorgeous beads and easy to follow instructions.

  6. Awesome pop of colors! The earrings are so bright and chic. Will surely try to create something out of mix material like these.


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