Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guitar and Bass Bangle DIY TUTORIAL
 Some things belong together: guitar and bass, ripped jeans and spikes, and silver and gold. This tasseled bangle looks at home on your wrist no matter where you are headed. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a tassel using leather lacing and metal caps. You'll also work with easy-peasy memory wire.

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Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Memory wire shears (note: memory wire must be cut with special shears, it will damage regular wire cutters.)


1: Cut the leather lace into eight 2” pieces. Using a 6” piece of black waxed linen cord (shown in orange for demonstrative purposes only), bind the leather strands together by tightly wrapping around the ends. Tie the binding cord off with a square knot, pull tight and trim close to the knot as shown.
2: Fill 1 end cap half-full of glue and insert the bound leather end. Let dry. Trim the leather lace about 1” from the end cap as shown. Set aside.
3: Repeat steps 1-2 to complete the second leather tassel.

4: Cut about 6 loops of memory wire with memory wire shears. Form a simple loop at one end of the memory wire as shown.
5: Use the memory wire to string all of the chrome and gold charlotte beads as shown and form a simple loop. Attach the tassels to the simple loops and you're done.

Own this idea:
String pearls or larger glass beads on the memory wire and use chain to create tassels instead of leather.
Make a choker using necklace-sized memory wire. 
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 Happy Creating!


  1. Beautiful! wonderful look, Erin! xox jean

  2. Love jewelry designs made with charlottes! Cool bangle -- and love the Pinterest board, too.


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