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Layered Evil Eye Necklace DIY TUTORIAL

Evil eye jewelry as become a very popular trend in the last year. The ancient symbol has been popping up in jewelry lines all around the world and many celebrities have been spotted wearing the protective talisman. According to ancient beliefs, the evil eye symbol provides protection against negative energy from others, whether it be intentional or unintentional. The symbol has been found in many cultures, starting in Greece and Rome thousands of years ago. An evil eye amulet or talisman is believed to ward off negative vibes from the envious eyes of others, protecting the wearer's physical and emotional well being. I can see why so many have been latching on to the idea. Who couldn't get behind that concept?
Layered Evil Eye Necklace
by Erin Siegel designed for OandN Craft Supplies

The ancient symbol of protection is paired with authentic Greek ceramic beads, findings and leather. This modern, multiple strand necklace gives you a stylish layered look in one easy piece.

26 matte turquoise Greek ceramic 5mm rounds
1 gold plated enamel evil eye charm/pendant
1 18K gold plated curved tube bead
1 set of 18K gold plated cord ends
1 18K gold plated lobster clasp
1 gold plated 6mm jump ring
2 gold plated 4mm jump rings
50" of dark brown 1.5mm Greek leather cord

Pair of chain nose pliers
E 6000 adhesive

1: Cut the leather cord into two 16" pieces and one 18" piece. Set aside. Attach one 4mm jump ring to the lobster clasp. Attach the other 4mm jump ring to the previous jump ring. Set aside. Attach the 6mm jump ring to the evil eye pendant. Set aside.

2: Use both 16" leather cords to string the tube bead to the center of the cords as shown. Set aside. Use the 18" leather cord to string 13 turquoise rounds, the jump ring on the pendant and 13 turquoise rounds to the center of the cord as shown. Set side.

3: Fill one cord end half-full of glue. Insert one end of all three cords into the cord end. Let dry. Repeat entire step for the other side of the necklace. Attach the the lobster clasp to the loop of one cord end as shown.

Greek ceramic rounds, evil eye pendant, tube bead, cord ends and clasp: O and N Craft Supplies. Greek leather cord:

I love Greek beads and leather. I've been using them in my designs for years. So, when Tina from O and N Craft Supplies contacted me about creating a project and tutorial for them, I said yes right away. Located in Athens, Greece, O&N Craft Supplies carries a nice selection of Greek ceramic beads, metal findings, enamel charms and pendants as well as a tantalizing selection of cords and stringing materials. Ooo...Yummy. I receive my order quickly despite the supplies were traveling all the way to the US from Greece. I knew I would love the Greek ceramic beads I ordered. What surprised me was how much I fell in love with the gold plated findings and the enamel pendant.

The enamel evil eye pendant is gorgeous. It's beautifully made, excellent quality. I love the weight of it. I also love the gold plated tube bead, cord ends and lobster clasp. The findings are sturdy. I like the heftiness of them. The metal is thick, not thin or flimsy at all. The 18K gold plating seems to be done well, too. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the materials I received from O&N Craft Supplies. I will most certainly be back to sample some of their other items, especially the luscious cording. I also love that I can get my favorite Greek beads straight from Greece!

Visit O&N:

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Happy creating!   


  1. Cute necklace. Normally, I'm not a fan of evil eye jewelry but I am really digging that charm.

  2. Love this evil eye pendant! I am a sucker for mystical charms

  3. Thanks for sharing the source for Greek ceramic beads. I'll check out their Etsy.

  4. Coming a little late to this post.....we recently had a visitor from Turkey. She said that every house has an evil eye symbol usually in their yard, that people will put this symbol in a baby's hair when a picture is taken, that it is simply everywhere all the time as a symbol for casting off evil.


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